Integrated with Shopify
  • 100% performance-based pricing
  • Refers friends and followers of your customers directly to products on your website
  • Your customers instantly become your brand ambassadors

The Inflooense Shopify plug-in (a.k.a. Shopify app) integrates with your Shopify store to enable any Inflooense iOS App Users to seamlessly promote your products.

Installing this plug-in allows Inflooense to track purchases made by our influencers, who then promote your products via the Inflooense mobile app.

It's a 4-step process:

  1. Install the Inflooense plug-in to your Shopify store. (Just click the green Request Access button on this page.)
  2. Inflooense iOS App users purchase from our partner retailers.
  3. Our plug-in instantly pushes all purchased products to the user's Inflooense mobile app.
  4. The Inflooense mobile app facilitates future social-media-influenced purchases, by empowering our users to upload original product photos, set relevant hashtags, populate comments, and choose destination social media platforms.

Inflooense relies on a proprietary algorithm that calculates maximum earnings from "Hypes", purchases, referrals, and much more. Users earn money, which they can withdraw instantly inside the Inflooense mobile app.


Inflooense charges retailers a varied amount per month based on contracted terms between Inflooense and Retailer prior to use of the Inflooense App.

Inflooense ONLY charges on successful checkouts derived from an "" affiliate link, generated by Inflooense through the use of the Inflooense mobile iOS app, which works in sync with the Inflooense e-commerce plugin (app).